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This is my personal web site for posting FileMaker Tips/Tricks/Solutions for other developers. This site also serves as a point of distribution for my various hobby projects which I have created using FileMaker Pro. My hobby projects include CO Forge (A character builder for the Champions Online MMO) and some AD&D related RPG tools.

DiceWare Password Generator

I saw a cool little mention about DiceWare password generation on Twitter today and since it was the end of the work day, I decided to throw a quick little password generator tool together and share it. The technique as well as more detailed information can be found here

The way it works is by using a 6 sided die to roll 5 separate numeric digits which are appended together to form a single 5 digit number.  Each 5 digit number represents a single word, which is chosen from a list of 7,776 words. So if you want a password that is 7 words long, this process would be repeated 7 times to select 7 different words in a completely random fashion.  Secure, not impossible to memorize, and quick to generate!

This solution was designed to work with FileMakerGO or FileMaker Pro v12 or later.

Download File Here (561 KB)