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This is my personal web site for posting FileMaker Tips/Tricks/Solutions for other developers. This site also serves as a point of distribution for my various hobby projects which I have created using FileMaker Pro. My hobby projects include CO Forge (A character builder for the Champions Online MMO) and some AD&D related RPG tools.



  • Moved GNPSB to its own web page located here.


  • The Deck of Many Things is now available for download!
  • I have removed the zipped versions of all .fmp12 files to make it easier to download and open the files under iOS.  iZip will no longer required to unzip the files under iOS prior to opening them in FileMaker Go.


  • NameGen: Fixed a permissions issue that was preventing users from choosing a gender.


NameGen that allows you to generate PC racial names, Titles, House names, Town names and Taven names. The interface is nothing fancy, but a number of people I have shown it to have expressed a lot of interest, so I am making it available for download. I can safely say that this name generator is probably one of the most comprehensive random name generators you can lay hands on.


I came across some really great card art for the deck of many things and thought it would be cool to throw together a database tool that would allow me to draw cards for it. So after receiving permission from the artist I have created two different versions which I have made available for download. The first version contains the original 22 cards for the Deck of Many Things. The second version contains a whopping 54 cards which will liven things up for people that might be bored with only having the original cards.


iOS AND FileMakerPro
Requirements: iOS FileMaker Go v12-13 or DESKTOP FileMaker Pro v12-13
NameGen (PC Name/Title/Town/Tavern) (897kb)

The following files require: iOS FileMaker Go v13 or DESKTOP FileMaker Pro v13
Deck of Many Things (Original Version containing 22 cards) (3.2mb)
Deck of Many Things (Expanded Version containing 54 cards) (6.9mb)

Requirements: Windows XP Pro SP3, Vista SP2, 7, 8 ; OSX 10.6.8-10.9.x

Deck of Many Things (54 cards) (53.6mb) Windows

Deck of Many Things (54 cards) (60.3mb) OSX