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This is my personal web site for posting FileMaker Tips/Tricks/Solutions for other developers. This site also serves as a point of distribution for my various hobby projects which I have created using FileMaker Pro. My hobby projects include CO Forge (A character builder for the Champions Online MMO) and some AD&D related RPG tools.

FileMaker SQL Audit Trail

This solution uses the free BaseElements Plugin and uses SQL SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE to generate an audit trail that requires very little setup to get it up and working. This solution will work with FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced and Web Direct. (Plugin required on FMS for WebDirect).

PLEASE email me with any bug reports, suggestions, criticisms, etc!  The sooner you tell me, the sooner I can get a fix put in place which in turn will benefit everyone else using this solution!  Thank you!

I will provide announcements via my Twitter account: @FileMakerGeek when I make any updates.



  • I have been working on an update to the SQL Audit Trail solution which squashes many bugs in the separation model version as well as the single file solution. I will be posting the update soon so please check back. I have also updated the documentation which will make implementation much more clear.

LIMITED VERSION: This version only tracks Creates and Edits. Transactions, delete tracking and rollbacks are NOT available in this version.

Sample File Download: - SEE NEWS ABOVE

FULL VERSION: This version includes transactions, create/edit/delete tracking, and rollbacks.

Sample File Download: - SEE NEWS ABOVE

Slide Show Download:

Search Results By Account Name

This solution file shows you how you can use custom menus and scripts to take control of searches so that users will only see the records that they are supposed to see.