FileMaker Geek

Certified FileMaker Developer iOS and Desktop

This is my personal web site for posting FileMaker Tips/Tricks/Solutions for other developers. This site also serves as a point of distribution for my various hobby projects which I have created using FileMaker Pro. My hobby projects include CO Forge (A character builder for the Champions Online MMO) and some AD&D related RPG tools.

FileMaker Geek is: Brian Currell

  • FileMaker Developer since 1995
  • Certified FileMaker Developer 14, 13, 12, 10
  • Filemaker Business Alliance Member CSS/IG Inc.
  • FileMaker Developers Convention Attendee Since 2007
  • FileMaker DevCon 2008 ROCKBAND Champion! (I got the easy job of singing.)
  • Dabble in: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
  • Prior Languages: Pascal, Unisys Cobol/WFL/ECL, Basic, HyperTalk, SuperTalk

I enjoy playing MMOs, RPGs, board games, singing, music, and a nice glass of scotch.

If you happen to attend the FileMaker Developer convention each year in the USA as I do, feel free to drop me a line and perhaps we can meet up!

I originally started out on a Timex Sinclair ZX81 writing code in basic when I was about 10 years old. In junior high I wrote basic using a Texas Instruments TRS80 (affectionately called the Trash80 by many). From there I then moved on to the Commodore Vic20, the Commodore 64, IBM PS/2, a windows DOS computer, an Apple IIgs, and finally on to a Mac Plus.  At that point with my trusty Mitsuba 2400 baud modem, I became a frequent visitor to various bulletin boards dedicated to technology and the Mac. We are so spoiled by downloads that only take a few minutes!  Try waiting a full day! ZTerm with the zmodem file transfer protocol saved us a lot of lost time with the ability to continue downloads if the connection dropped!  I later upgraded to a MacSE FDHD while my roommate upgraded to a IIsi and a Practical Peripherals 4800 baud modem. We then tried our hand at running our own bulletin board for a time and had a lot of fun doing it.  Does ANSI Mouse ring a bell for anyone out there? =)  It was at this time I started playing with HyperCard and SuperCard and got really good at it. I got so good, I was asked to create a front end for the Mac SE computer lab at the local community college. (You could call it an early incarnation of At Ease or Simple Finder). Later, I was hired by the local office of education as a Unisys mainframe operator and after my position there changed to a technology support role, my career in FileMaker truly began!