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Certified FileMaker Developer iOS and Desktop

This is my personal web site for posting FileMaker Tips/Tricks/Solutions for other developers. This site also serves as a point of distribution for my various hobby projects which I have created using FileMaker Pro. My hobby projects include CO Forge (A character builder for the Champions Online MMO) and some AD&D related RPG tools.

CO Forge is a character framework builder for the free MMO Champions Online. It allows you to plan your character’s level progression all the way through to level 40 to help you to make sure you don’t make any mistakes along the way.



  • I am putting the finishing touches on a new version for CO Forge which will now also work on the iPhone as well as the iPad.  The entire interface has been redone using themes. It is an even closer match to the game now than it was before.  I have also added the ability for you to add your own updates if you do not want to wait for me to get around to posting a new release here.  I be will posting the update in a month or so once I have finished my testing to finish squashing any remaining bugs. 


Some of the sub-stats listed may show a ‘?’ because the logic behind how that particular substat is calculated has not yet been determined. Figuring out how substats are calculated is very difficult because Cryptic will not share this information at all. Only through reverse engineering by a few dedicated players have any of these calculations become clear. If you know the mechanics behind anything that appears to be missing, you can contact me via my email provided within CO Forge.

Minimum system requirements to run CO Forge under Mac OS X and Windows:


Windows Runtime 69.6 MB

Mac OSX Runtime 59.4 MB

iOS / Desktop (FileMaker Go v12-13 or FileMaker Pro v12-3 on Mac/Windows is required) 68.3 MB


Zipped (Compressed) version (An app to unzip/decompress the file is required) 20.1 MB


Before you download CO-Forge, please download and install FileMaker Go v12 or FileMaker Go v13 first (It is free)! Make sure you open FileMaker Go and close out of the tutorial file that it opens by default, or you will not see CO-Forge open up when you first download it and “send” it to FileMaker Go. If you are updating from a previous version of CO-Forge, I would currently recommend that you email your existing builds to yourself so you do not loose them. Then delete the current copy of CO-Forge before you download the updated version to send over to FileMaker Go.


(NOTE: This does not yet work under iOS for FileMaker Go)
In this latest release I have included the ability to export and import raw FileMaker data export files which will allow you to backup your champion builds and user generated gear that you have saved and restore them in a new version of CO-Forge. This is done by clicking on tool button and choosing export or import. CO-Forge will save your backup data to your desktop by default, and will also attempt to find said backup data there when it attempts to restore (re-import) that data.


CO Forge was originally created in order to help me to understand the game mechanics for Champions Online better.  When creating this tool I only had 15-30 minutes at a time to commit to working on it. As a result, no thought went into the design. It should not be considered an example of my normal work. CO-Forge was written using FileMaker Pro. I chose FileMaker because it is the only database platform which allows me to create solutions that run on Windows, OSX, and iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc) very quickly.


 CO-Forge is completely unlocked. I have written a few custom functions (not many), so if you do not have FileMaker Advanced, you will not have access to the custom functions to see how they work. You may download a 30-day trial version of FileMaker Pro from their website if you do not already own a copy.